Why nPlayer has the new price.

Hello, nPlayer users!

We like to explain the new price policy of nPlayer 3.0.

The price of nPlayer 3.0 is USD 8.99(USD 9.89 in Korea after VAT), it was USD 4.99 until the update but it has been increased by about USD 4 in the new version.

However, this does not mean all users necessarily need to pay the additional amount of the increased price to update the app. You can just update nPlayer to 3.0 version without any charge as before. But if you want to use some of new features added in this version such as DTS, ChromeCast support, Smart TV video cast, then you need to pay the increased amount through In App Purchase update after the free update. Paid update is not requisite but is optional.

These are the features you will see after the update.


Free update includes

  • Whole new UI
  • Support UI themes
  • Support Dolby HDMI Bitstream (Passthru)
  • Support PDF, PPT, TXT files
  • Support zoom in/out pictures
  • Enhanced performance quality and stability


Paid update additionally includes

  • Support officially DTS audio codecs
  • Support DTS HDMI Bitstream (Passthru)
  • Support ChromeCast
  • Support smart TV video cast (UPnP)


The price increase is mostly caused by the update development fee and the license fee. We had to make contracts to support DTS audio codecs and we need to maintain the official license paying the royalty as the app sells. We couldn’t manage to provide the service with the same price of 4.99 because of royalty fee for existing users and update management fee. We considered and had to make the hard decision to increase the app price and provide the paid update.

We have considered releasing nPlayer 3.0 as a whole new brand of video player but we withdraw it soon after we realize it will cost damage to the existing users since existing users of nPlayer have already paid for some features of nPlayer 3.0 in its early version. Instead, we provide In App Purchase system for who wants to use the new features(which cause the price increase) paying extra cost. For the others, there is no problem to update the app to 3.0 version without any charge but not including DTS, ChromeCast, Smart TV features.

The new app price includes the additional audio codec license fee and development cost. We see the increased amount of the price is a big move but considering those factors above, the price increase was inevitable to avoid business loss. We tried to set the reasonable price after that but we think the lack of explanation about the new price set caused some users complaint. We like to apologize for that and we wish your kind understanding after this notice.

We will try harder to develop the app with the better quality and to satisfy your needs in nPlayer and then, we will make you understand the price is reasonable.

Since the 3.0 version update, we are collecting some issues and trying to figure out the problems and we will be updating the app soon again to fix the issues. We will take care of the issues one by one until the last.

Thank you for your kind support and opinions and we promise we will keep trying to be the best.


Thank you.

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  • Electrolumen

    I purchased new features even if I wouldn’t use them, I want to support you, BUT TURN BACK OLD DESIGN!!!! The new one is UGLY! I downgraded to older v2.6.5 and waiting your turn. Don’t disappoint your fans.

  • seeker seeker

    Please add support for shared/co-owned folders at least if you are charging this money. Shared folders is a native feature of Onedrive, and NPlayer doesn’t display them!! What is going on guys??? How do you think a family sharing their media library can get to access the shared videos with NPlayer if you don’t support this??

  • Garten

    i have a problem with chromecast when trying to stream a movie with XVid codec, it just does not work and i get no result. not the same issue with MP4 CODEC ,
    i just bought the upgrade with this purpose in mind , as i have 2 chromecast dongles at home,
    Please help NPLAYER developers ! consider this issue for the next update Please,

    • fackalak

      Hi Garten,

      Before yesterday I got a Chromecast and I have same problem: I am not able to stream a movie with mentioned codec form my iOS devices although I bought the upgrade as well…It would be fine if the nPlayer developers can solve this issue as soon as they can…

  • Tamer Elsabagh

    I allready have the nplay 4.99 version i can not find in app upgrade to pay the extra money to upgrade it to plus or i have to pay the whole 8.99

    • nPlayer

      When did you purchase the app? Only those who purchased the app before the version 2.6.5 is required to do in-app purchase in order to use DTS audio sound, Smart TV and Chromecast. nPlayer(USD 4.99) and nPlayer Plus(USD 8.99) versions are different apps, so it is impossible to upgrade it. We look forward to your understanding.
      * https://nplayer.com/blog/the-new-version-of-nplayer-has-been-released/