nPlayer for iOS Update News! – ver 3.10.0

Hi, everyone!

Pleased to announce that the new update is now available – version 3.10.0.

One of the main features of this version is ‘Icon View’. It’s a feature that many users have been requested, and it makes contents on the list more intuitive and comfortable. You can even adjust icon size, so make a customized list in your taste.

↑ Set icon style to 1:1, 3:4 and 4:3 in an icon view mode.

↑ Icon size can be adjusted in a list view. (It’s available on an icon view also.)


And it’s been optimized for iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR devices, and SMB performance has also been improved.

Support nPlayer, which is constantly evolving! We will come back with a good news soon. ^^


  • Adds

– Supports ‘Icon View’ in the file list
– Supports an option for changing icon size
– Improves SMB performance
– Optimizes for iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR


  • Fixes

– Fixes bugs and improves usability

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  • 404 NOT FOUND

    hi this can this app play VR videoes?I use ipad and iphone and want to buy this app

    • nPlayer

      We support 3D mode, however, VR is not supported at this time. Thank you.

  • Koustuv Kanungo

    Does nPlayer have color management? Accurate colors in video playback?

    • nPlayer

      We don’t get to know exactly what you want, but we support a post processing. Please refer to the link below for the details. And you can check it with nPlayer Lite version.

      • Koustuv Kanungo

        I mean if nplayer recognizes the color gamut tagged in the video (e.g. srgb or p3) and assumes srgb for untagged videos.

  • kieker jan

    alphabetical sorting in playlists would be a great improvement too

  • Hy Chiu

    Hope Icon View can read Files(matabase pics) in Folder
    so there is no need get in seperate movie folder to see the movie icon

  • Greg Huang

    Hi, there is some problem displaying subtitles on my iPhone 6s @iOS 11.3. I updated the latest version of nPlayer on both my iPad 2018@iOS 11.3 and iPhone 6s. It works well on iPad, but just no subtiltles loaded when playing .mkv with srt/ass subtitles on my iPhone 6s. Settings are default. How do I fix this problem?

  • Nicholas Kingston

    I see the ability to download videos from youtube etc has been removed in this most recent update. Most annoying as this was one of the best (and unique) features of this app and especially useful for those of us who travel to areas with no coverage. It was also not noted in the update advice on the app store, or indeed above. Had it been noted I would not have updated

    • nPlayer


      Thank you for using nPlayer.

      The third party service contents, such as Youtube, Apple Music, and Naver, etc. can not be downloaded due to copyright issues. Many users have downloaded these contents in the recently playlist using vulnerability of the app. But we recently have fixed the vulnerability because the Apple has warned us to fix this issue about violation of the App Store Guidelines. Hope to your kindly understanding.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

      Best regards,

      nPlayer Customer Support Team

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  • yay

    I would be interested wan it finally for pdf files the option
    “Select single page” and “Select horizontal page” has been waiting for it for ages.

  • Love nPlayer

    I like nplayer
    I hope you will translate it in Arabic

  • Mark Bether
    • Uwe Brömmel

      Doesn’t work for me. Any ideas what could be wrong?

  • Philip Bradbury

    nPlayer DLNA plays music with tracks in alphabetical order – they should be in track number order.
    nPlayer SMB/CIFS plays them correctly in track order.
    It would appear that DLNA is using the song title from the tag to determine the order and SMB/CIFS is using the file name.
    Is there any way to force DLNA to use either the track number from the tag or the file name to do the sorting?

  • Love Nplayer

    It would be even better if you could add a indicator to sign that HDR is enabled when playing the video. I often don’t know if the video has HDR turned on.

  • Leo Lam

    Hoping nplayer support VR for years.


    단축어 자동실행은 지원하지 않나요?