nPlayer for iOS Update News! – ver 3.10.0

Hi, everyone!

Pleased to announce that the new update is now available – version 3.10.0.

One of the main features of this version is ‘Icon View’. It’s a feature that many users have been requested, and it makes contents on the list more intuitive and comfortable. You can even adjust icon size, so make a customized list in your taste.

↑ Set icon style to 1:1, 3:4 and 4:3 in an icon view mode.

↑ Icon size can be adjusted in a list view. (It’s available on an icon view also.)


And it’s been optimized for iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR devices, and SMB performance has also been improved.

Support nPlayer, which is constantly evolving! We will come back with a good news soon. ^^


  • Adds

– Supports ‘Icon View’ in the file list
– Supports an option for changing icon size
– Improves SMB performance
– Optimizes for iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR


  • Fixes

– Fixes bugs and improves usability

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  • 404 NOT FOUND

    hi this can this app play VR videoes?I use ipad and iphone and want to buy this app

    • nPlayer

      We support 3D mode, however, VR is not supported at this time. Thank you.

  • Koustuv Kanungo

    Does nPlayer have color management? Accurate colors in video playback?

    • nPlayer

      We don’t get to know exactly what you want, but we support a post processing. Please refer to the link below for the details. And you can check it with nPlayer Lite version.

      • Koustuv Kanungo

        I mean if nplayer recognizes the color gamut tagged in the video (e.g. srgb or p3) and assumes srgb for untagged videos.

  • kieker jan

    alphabetical sorting in playlists would be a great improvement too

  • Hy Chiu

    Hope Icon View can read Files(matabase pics) in Folder
    so there is no need get in seperate movie folder to see the movie icon

  • Greg Huang

    Hi, there is some problem displaying subtitles on my iPhone 6s @iOS 11.3. I updated the latest version of nPlayer on both my iPad 2018@iOS 11.3 and iPhone 6s. It works well on iPad, but just no subtiltles loaded when playing .mkv with srt/ass subtitles on my iPhone 6s. Settings are default. How do I fix this problem?