Big News – nPlayer is now available on Android!

Hi everyone! 

nPlayer is now available on Android!!! Finally!!!

Thank you very much for all your patience so far and we are very happy to introduce nPlayer, already loved a lot by iOS users, to Android users. 

nPlayer for Android was developed to have advantages of the existing iOS version while reflecting the characteristics of Android users. For example, by combining apps of file browser and video player, the app greatly reduced the inconvenience of users to use two different apps at the same time before. For sure, the app can be connected to other file browsing apps. In addition, Pop Up Play will allow you to watch video clips while doing other works and for the very first time in the world, DTS Headphone:X support has been added to let you enjoy rich sound. 

For more details of the features, please visit the link below to Google Play.

Further upgrade of features will be made both for iOS and Android and we are preparing for new features as well. Thank you for your continued support as always. 

Thank you.

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  • When is the app going to hit the Fire TV app store? 🙂

  • tedkaiser

    Awesome to have nplayer on Android! I hope Chromecast support is added in the next update!

  • rhodes

    Amazing … i used it on IOS and i have to say it is the best player on ios…
    Now on Android ! wow.i can say it is the best Player for android by far…
    Smoothness, battery usage and amazing features.
    thank you.

    • nPlayer

      Thanks for your feedback. Enjoy nPlayer and for any other queries you have, please do not hesitate to contact us to

  • EmoCore Zurc

    hope in the next update nPlayer support Google TEAM Drvie

  • mav3r1x

    Sadly, the android app is no longer been support. I hope the devs at least take a bit of time to update us.

  • Florene Antonetty

    Waste of money, I could have download the android version from any piracy site. Purchased only because of getting updates. IOS versing is running 3+ while in android we stuck at 1.7.

  • Matty Starboy Boss

    When is NPlayer coming to Apple TV 📺
    You guys been saying this for years and nothing to date…