nPlayer for macOS Update News! – ver 1.1.0

Hi, everyone

It’s Mac OS version is updated which getting high attention after having been announced.

One of the main features of this version is ‘Support TMDb Metadata’. Like as iOS, Android version, you can check the information on a movie you watch, such as a poster, actors and plots through supporting TMDb.

Above this, improved performance and fixed other bugs.

Although we can’t reflect opinions from all of you, please look forward we have a plan continued updating~!

Thank you all for your continued support and your review of the app will be much appreciated.


* Update Description

  • Supports TMDb Metadata
  • Improves UI/UX
  • Fixes bugs
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      • phonescraper

        One of my friends suggested to me for business email extraction. If anyone know it, tell me of his experience please.

        • phonescraper

          One of my friends suggested to me for business email extraction. If anyone know it, tell me of his experience please.

  • tyhunter

    Hi, I want to ask a question about the nplay for mac. Is this support mount Google Drive and directly play video online? In macOS, I use Cloudmount to mount Google Drive as a local disk,but when i try to play video,the app will automatically download the complete video file, when download finished that i can play it. It was waste so much time. So had the nplayer for Mac support directly play video online in Google Drive?

  • 赵彬

    Google drive不能用(cann‘t connect)

  • YK Liao

    Please make a Windows version Q_Q.

  • 赵彬


  • kevin

    Please add http/socks proxy function in the next version.

  • Alexandrus

    Can we propose user stories for the backlog ? (as a mutiple licence customer, 4 licences pruchased, iOs, Android, and MacOs) 🙂 :

    – Linux version would be very highly appreciated (ubuntu/debian)

    – Better management of playlists (import-export-modify). I don’t use them today because of this lack, when changes to the source path occur, it’s a mess very quickly, not being able to save them or update them makes them feel unreliable.

    Thank you for such a great product.

  • Louis VI le Gros

    Please allow SPIDF for DTS and Dolby 5.1

  • jala00

    Good day everyone. Is there any app to detect all products that a company sell? Or all services? is there any tool for this purpose?

  • mariajason

    Hello there,
    does anyone know a good company phone number finder? I tried several of them but were not as good as they advertise

  • HIEU

    Hi there,

    I have a question, How I can use mouse scroll wheel for moving forward or backward video?


  • mav3r1x

    Hiya. Is the android app abandoned? Would appreciate any updates from you. …

  • Lex Wermost

    Hi, Is the android app dead?

  • AItor

    Any future updates for iOS device on iOS16?

  • Kyaw Peal

    Yes I am

  • ㅁㄴㅇㄹ

    Ios/ipados용 키보드 좀 고쳐요
    1년 넘게 업데이트를 안하면 어쩌자는거임

  • 좆망.

    구글드라이브 로그인 해결 왜 안함?