Big News – nPlayer is now available on macOS!

Hi everybody!

Finally, nPlayer for macOS has just released!!! (We do know that many of you have been waiting for this so long….) It now supports iOS, Android and macOS. We thank you all for your patience!!

The new version has not only the best parts of the previous iOS versions but also the features of PC. nPlayer’s strong points – Network feature for streaming, Player control function using Trackpad gesture(Seek, Volume, Subtitle control) and other useful optional features.

We are very excited to give you amazing experience with the launching of macOS and will make sure to provide you with useful upgrades.

Thank you very much for your support as always and we greatly appreciate your helpful comments and rating.

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  • Shannon Routley

    Hey this is great news! I have been using nPlayer on iOS for years. Well supported and excellent quality and features. Question, does the Mac version also have DTS-X? It didn’t look like it, I imagine that might be a licensing issue?

  • Abram Gutang

    Hi! Are there any plans to make nPlayer for Win?