The free version of nPlayer has been released!!!

Hi everyone!

Today we are very happy to announce that the free version of nPlayer has finally been released!

Obviously many of our users have requested and for all those who did not have a chance to exprience nPlayer due to the price of the paid version, we decided to introduce the free version.

The free version contains some ads and does not have all the features of the paid version such as Dolby, DTS & Chromecast support, etc. And yet, we believe it will be a great chance for those who want to experience nPlayer and light users. We ask for your support and attention.

Go to AppStore!

We will update the major features of the paid version as well and keep you updated shortly.

Thank you.

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  • nuomi

    I suggest that nPlayer uses port 80 for Wi-Fi Transfer.

  • cult urelles

    I was so happy to have free.It’s the best player for me.