nPlayer 3.2.2 Update News!

Hello, nPlayer users.

nPlayer 3.2.2 version has been updated!

First of all, we like to explain about the recent major issue of nPlayer. Recently, we have been noticed  by the specific firm that nPlayer possibly use the technical skill which they claims to be their own one, when nPlayer plays specific files(some AVI files). Our legal team and the management have started to investigate the case immediately.

And we have modified some support features which may be related to the recent issue and may cause further problems (nPlayer 3.2.0). We had to consider any possible case that may happen until the issue gets settled and had to modify the related features. Consequently, that causes some technical problems when nPlayer plays some AVI files. We feel sorry to users that we couldn’t inform you the certain reason about the issue because we are still in the middle of the case to be solved.

We are putting our best efforts and best team to solve the problem as soon as possible.

We like to apologize once again for the inconvenience you may experience. We will keep you updated about the issue if anything available.

We want to let you know nPlayer will be updated with new major features soon.

We thank you for your continuous support and please stay with us with your big supports.

Thank you.


* Added

  • Add option for Deinterlacing
  • Add option for icon style
  • Add feature to set passcode for network server (support touch ID)


  • Fixes the issue of sound problem when playing some mp4 files
  • Fixes other bugs
5 4585

  • I hope everything works out okay!

    Thank you for your continued work on the app.

  • bernardo

    i’m so tired with these updates you make, everytime you update it is troble for us users. first y bought version 2,7.x it work great, the i update to 3.x.x and it did work, ihad to buy anther in app purchase to make it work, ( thats paying 2 ties the same funcionallity, tthean it works, know i update again and it does want to airplay video to my apple tv, so whats the deal??? everytime you update you got to loose funcionallity or have to pay again? thats unetical, i hope

  • Mohammed A. AlAmeer

    Hello there, I have several questions that I need an answer to before purchasing the iOS version of nPlayer. I am planning to use nPlayer to stream movies from my iOS device to my Chromecast. My question here is it going to be able to show the (srt) subtitle file along with the movie on the Chromecast? if so, is it able to show Arabic characters for the subtitles on the Chromecast streaming?
    Thanks in advance