nPlayer 3.0 Update News

Hello, everybody! We’ve got some update for nPlayer 3.0. Sadly, the new version has got rejected yesterday due to a couple of issues that did not satisfy the Apple’s Guidelines. Our R&D team resolved the problems immediately and requested for the 2nd review yesterday afternoon. Good news is, we were able to fix several bugs while waiting for the result.
Well, we now regret to give you an early notice as we never expected it to take this long. We are so sorry for all the inconvenience caused.
We truly understand your feelings and concerns about the situation and again, deeply apologize to you.
During the 2nd review, we are going to post changes and new features of nPlayer 3.0 to our blog. It might feel boring, but please give us some more time and we will get back to you with good news soon!
Thank you.

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  • TheWandererReturns

    Could you explain how the pricing will be for 3.0? Will people that bought it before have to repurchase it? If not, will we get DTS support automatically or will we have to pay for DTS through an In App Purchase?

  • Joe

    There any why play H/W quick time each time play next video I had to keep on readjust the color saturation on each video it’s a bit annoying