nPlayer 3.0 Update News!


Finally, The review of nPlayer 3.0 has been completed. The update will be released in 24 hours!

Many features have been changed in nPlayer 3.0. It contains a whole new UI as well as many brand new features. We put so much effort into the 3.0 version update to make the best movie player app and now we proudly present nPlayer 3.0.

I believe many users are eager to have the features in nPlayer, such as video cast for Smart TV and ChromeCast, DTS audio support. At last, you will have the features in nPlayer 3.0.

However, I am afraid I have to deliver another news about the app price. After we have added many new features and made a large scale update, we had no choice to raise the app price. We hope you understand the new features have to come after the price increases. Existing users need to go through paid upgrade to enjoy the full options of nPlayer 3.0.

We promise we will keep putting our best effort to make nPlayer worth the price and will move onto the next step with your supports for the nPlayer, the user’s best choice.

nPlayer is still in the early step of its long journey and we have many plans to develop in future. We can’t wait to bring all those plans to you, and that makes us excited every day. Please keep staying with us and supporting nPlayer.

Thank you.

* What’s new in this version

  • UI facelift
  • Supports UI theme
  • Supports officially DTS audio codec (DTS HD)
  • Supports Dolby, DTS HDMI Bitstream (Passthru)
  • Supports Chromecast
  • Supports Video cast for SmartTV (UPnP)
  • Supports document files : PDF, PPT, TXT etc.
  • Supports Image zoom in / out
  • Enhanced performance and stability
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  • Leon. C

    Remote Control->Fast Forward triggers same as action as “Fast Backward”

  • r3dsnake

    IAP for DTS again, after you removed it once? (That’s why I bought your app in the first place). I feel disappointed.

  • Haha, no. Deleting nPlayer and going with Infuse Pro. At least they won’t increase the price for loyal customers.

    Good luck selling old users on upgrade fees.

    • To be fair Infuse Pro did charge on the last major upgrade. People had to pay for new in app purchase to get the DTS features. (Though there was a discount for previous IAP purchasers)

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    ‘Twas already a pricey app to begin with. Now you’ll raised the price? You should lower it considering you are re-launching the app. Very bad. I’m not using it.

  • Mod

    WTF? I payed for your app before and now you need more money? Absolutely greedy.
    Only way I WAS using nplayer, because supports dlna and now even this is gone in version 3.
    Very cheap move, very cheap.

  • Donkeyfumbler

    Some people – they just want everything for free and moan when they don’t get it. DTS was removed a long while back because the DTS people wanted a licencing fee for it that was too expensive at the time. Now it has been re-introduced as an optional extra and you can choose whether you want to pay the licence for it or not – seems fine to me. I don’t really need it so there’s no need for me to pay for it and the app still does everything else I paid for originally.

    ‘Loyal customers’, lol – you paid £2.99 for an app once – not sure how that makes you ‘loyal’. There seems to be some bizarre expectation that paying a small amount for an app several years ago means that the developer should carry on working for you after that for free.

    Plenty of devs have released completely new apps when they do major changes like this, forcing previous purchasers to buy again at full price if they want updates and new features, so kudos for doing it the right way as an optional in-app purchase for the new features at less than half the full cost of the app.

    I understand that the Chromecast support only plays the file formats that Chromecast natively supports (so .avi and AC3 audio don’t work) with no on-the-fly transcoding. The ipad air and air 2 should be powerful enough to do it, so hopefully this is planned for future updates because if so, I’ll upgrade then.

    • Oleg Kerzikov

      If the app is worth paying, people don’t hesitate to pay. It is obvious, that previous version was worth paying if you see the rating and reviews in Appstore.
      Previous version already had licensed DTS support and the developers announced it on the app’s page. It was the reason a bought nplayer in the first place. No wonder I feel disappointed when the devs try to sell it to me.
      Also the new interface is no match to the old one. I could reach the video, audio and subtitle settings of the movie in one screen, now I get three. Is the what you call user experience?
      I’m starting to look for alternatives.
      Good luck with improving this one star rating in appstore.

  • Nikolay Romanov

    Frankly, I’ve tested both Nplayer (was using it earlier and immediately updated to 3.0) & Infuse Pro literally yesterday. And had to admit – there’re few interesting features I’ve discovered in Infuse (metadata for movies, more convenient interface for instance).
    However, Nplayer still the best in terms of performance (even for network streaming). It can be easily reproduced – far too long start and fast forward in Infuse and almost the same actions working like a charm in Nplayer. Besides, network part of Infuse looks more weak in terms of auto discovery (the same SMB share wasn’t found with Infuse but successfully discovered with Nplayer).
    Tested at iPad mini 3 & iPhone 5s.

    On the other hand, tiny menu buttons aren’t convenient at all (hope it will be polished later on).

    Extra payment for DTS looks reasonable (licensed feature) and I’m totally agree with Donkeyfumbler – why it should be perpetually free? In case if you’re expecting to see more and excellent stuff in your favorite app – get ready to pay some more to support the developer.

    All in all – I’m still with Nplayer (and returned Infuse purchase after the trial).

    PS DLNA is still there but available thru the auto discovery only ☺

  • Otaku

    WHY doesn’t the app remember where I was when I close the app while playing??? It worked in the pro version of the previous version!! Now, unless I stop the video and THEN quit the app, it doesn’t work!! I even paid for the upgrade AGAIN to see if that was the problem, but it still doesn’t work!