How to connect nPlayer with a smart TV (to stream videos on iPhone and iPad to a smart TV)

Further to our posting about ‘How to connect with Chromecast’, today we are going to see how to stream videos from nPlayer to a smart TV. Please keep it in mind: Image quality may vary depending on OS installed, date of production, model and manufacturer of smart TV. The quality may also vary depending on container formats or codecs of a video file played.

Well, we no longer connect our TVs with HDMI. So, why not make your smart TV even smarter?! This time we wrote about the test we did with a LG smart TV, both old and new models. Of course our R&D team completed a test with a Samsung one as well. Files in nPlayer are sent to a smart TV and streamed by a software installed in the TV. That’s why the image quality largely depends on the performance of the installed software (player) and the specifications of TV.

Let’s see how to do it.



1) First, play a video on nPlayer and tap the Tap the icon in the picture.  (See the picture)
1-1) Please ensure the smart TV and nPlayer are connected on the same network.

2) When you tap on the menu, you may see the name of smart TV on.
2-1) Tap the name, the smart TV will automatically play the video.

Some files may take a long time to buffer and others may not.
Well, the rest is up to TV…!





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  • HG

    미러링 하고 나서 슬립버튼 눌러도 재생은 그대로 되나요?
    유튜브 어플은 그게 가능한데 현재 버전은 안 되더라고요

    • nPlayer

      슬립버튼을 눌러도 재생이됩니다^^ 참 그리고 질문등은 여기를 이용하시면 더욱 빠른 답변을 받으실 수 있습니다.

  • toma

    I afraid that it is impossible to play picture/video files in iPhone via chromecast with nPlayer.
    Is it correct? or Do I have to change setting ? FYI, I can play video file which placed in other local serve to peer device via chromecast.

  • franky

    Are subtitles .srt still visible in smart tv?

  • Kevin Wong

    Should I keep the nPlayer app on when streaming to the smart TV? Or I can just let it run in the background, and use another Apps in the iPhone? Thank you.

    • nPlayer

      You can let it in the background or sleep mode while streaming to Smart TV. 🙂

  • Richard Richard

    My stream icons have disappeared?…any idea how to get them back/

  • Mohammad G

    My stream icon doesn’t show?

  • TY

    Does the Mac version support chromecast?

  • R Rollo

    After streaming to my Smart TV, the subtitles stay in the IPhone. How can i see the movie subtitles in the TV?

  • naseem kc chirayil


  • naseem kc chirayil

    Is nPlayer will be conned with Haider smart tv .?not android . When I was connected it connected,But not playing in the TV.It stays in a blank dark screen .