Big News – nPlayer for Android Open Beta Test!


We believe it has been your long desire to have nPlayer in Android version, and thanking for your patience to wait, we finally announce that we are holding a open beta test for nPlayer Android version.

We are very pleased to be able to show Android users nPlayer, which is loved by many iOS users. There are many video player apps, but we don’t doubt that many of nPlayer’s features will give you new experiences.

We have been developing nPlayer Android version for a long time and this open beta test will complete the development of the first stage of nPlayer Android version. As it always has been, your involvement is very big part of nPlayer development so we hope lots of your participation in this open beta test.


* Open Beta Test

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  • van_1104

    Hi. Thanks so much for this app i have problems sd card can’t find it, it’s not support at a moment?

    • nPlayer

      Please tap the refresh button on the top right of the Local tab.

      • van_1104

        Not working i use it on my zte axon 7 running Android 6,even worse on my galaxy tab s3 it’s didn’t show anything not even local storage. Thanks

        • nPlayer

          Thank you for your information. We will do more test about this issue.
          Does the folder did not show even though media files(mp3, mp4 etc…) are on the Galaxy tab S3?

          • van_1104

            they show nothing,but network is ok and can you add jpg thumbnail same as ios plsss in the future update .thankssss.

          • jkim808

            Aloha nPlayer,

            Has this issue been resolved? I just loaded nPlayer on my daughter’s Android phone because the battery in her iPhone 7 just died; she is so Severely Disabled that she is very dependent on her electronic devices.

            I confirmed there is a 64G-SD card installed & Android-OS recognizes the card, but nPlayer is only providing Internal Storage on the list of choices on the main menu. The 64G-SD card has been formatted to be an extension of Internal Memory, but I still got “No Space Left On Device” error message; Internal Memory is 100%, but 64G-SD card still has 48G+ free space.

            Please let me know when time permits…=)


            Mahalo Nui Loa, –jkim808

  • Once the Android version ships will it make it to the Fire TV app store as well? (Please? :))

  • borway

    please support previous/next button on steering wheel !