The news : the 3.0.1 update is coming.


Here is the new news of nPlayer 3.0.1 update!

We are waiting for the Apple’s review after we submitted the new version of nPlayer on Sep 11thWe truly apologize for the inconvenience you had to go through because of the unexpected bugs. This update fixes the most of the reported bugs and reinstates some missing features from the former version.

We noticed there are lots of opinions about the new UI/UX. It was quite a surprise that we received so many opinions and we believe they are all your affection on nPlayer. We are collecting and researching your opinions about UI/UX, and we will proceed to enhance UI/UX after this update.

We always appreciate your voices and we respect them. nPlayer will try not to miss any of your valuable voice and in that way, nPlayer will advance forward.

Thank you for your support and please stay with us for the more.


What’s New in Version 3.0.1

* Added

  • Support thumbnail
  • Option to sort files in random order
  • Option to show locked folder
  • Option to show album folder
  • Option to show iTunes folder
  • Option to show index bar in list
  • Filter for Album items : Video, Photo, All
  • Individual sorting option by folders
  • Subtitles line spacing
  • Subtitle delay setting by long press gesture
  • Subtitles folder to be designated
  • Preview screen while searching with searching bar (only for local video file)
  • Display Wi-Fi transfer status
  • Support the scheme for launchers: nplayer://


* Fixed

  • Fixed the issue of playback problem when Bluetooth device connected
  • Fixed the issue of the failure to save the last played position
  • Fixed the issue of the locked folder being unlocked
  • Fixed the issue of text encoding
  • Fixed the issue of a problem when fast forward / fast backward
  • Fixed the issue of disappearing of the top-right button when direct URL / Playlist
  • Fixed the issue of pop-up window size
  • Fixed the issue of the failure to load file lists from GoogleDrive when they are too much.
  • Fixed the issue of the failure to load all file lists when they are too many while UPnP connection.
  • Fixed the issue of ‘Stop Playing’ with Clock app
  • Fixed the issue of touch and hold gesture malfunction.
  • Fixed the issue of some UPnP device connection problem.(need to re-register then after deleting existing UPnP server information.)
  • Fixed the issue of not synchronizing the size of subtitles with video screen size when it is rescaled.
  • Fixed the issue of memory leak while video file playback in background.
  • Fixed the issue of the failure to delete files in some WebDAV
  • Fixed the other bugs.
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  • Anmar

    I loved this player but its missing the most important option which is online subtitle search and download it should be able to download subtitles withing the app like other video player like or subscene or yifysubtitles or subtitlestv it should be internally when i click add subtitles there should be an option with online subtitles search