[End] nPlayer Beta Tester Recruitment


It has been about two month since nPlayer 3.0 released. Thankfully many users are sending us their valuable opinions after the release and we are developing the upgrade version to reflect their opinions. Soon after, nPlayer 3.1 will be released following its 3.0.1 version.

We have many beta testers helping us every time we develop the new version and we like to have more beta testers to collect more opinions about the product.

The recruitment details are below.


  • Recruitment date : 2015 Oct. 14th ~ 2015 Oct. 18th
  • Number of recruitment : 100 testers
  • Application : Click here
  • Selection criteria : they will be selected randomly, selection ratio differs depending on the devices, the country.
  •  Announcement : notice will be delivered individually to who has been selected.


We always try to collect your opinions about nPlayer as many as possible, please give us your big interest and support.


Thank you.

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  • Uday Kolluri

    Hello. Is there a TVOS / Apple TV 4 version of Nplayer under development? This is a huge opportunity for you guys to dominate in this space.. Firecore is making an app for their Infuse for Apple TV.. plex released their app .. I’m holding out for Nplayer and I’m sure so are thousands of your loyal customers.. for now.