nPlayer 3.2.0 Update News!


nPlayer 3.2.0 has been updated.

In this version, we improved stability and added many convenient functions and 3D video mode.

We added a function that highlights the last played item in each folder.  So, you can easily find the item that you have played recently in many folders.

We support 3D playing videos with subtitles perfectly, because of adding the 3D video mode. Let’s enjoy nPlayer with your 3D head mounted display.

We are preparing Apple TV version that many people are interested about. Please look forward it with attention.

Thank you.


* Added

  • Supports Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Supports 3D video mode
  • Supports 3D touch (Quick Actions, Peek &Pop)
  • Supports .sup, mpl2 and .txt subtitles.
  • Highlights the last played item in each folders.
  • Localizes Traditional Chinese.
  • Improves hardware decoder performance
  • Adds the function to save picture, movie files in Documents into Camera Roll
  • Adds the function to copy files in iTunes and Album to Documents
  • Displays download speed and estimated time to complete
  • Displays playing time of movie or music in the list


* Fixed

  • Fixes an issue of video stop occasionally while playing
  • Fixes an issue of some FLAC files play problem
  • Fixes the others
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  • ArthurN

    How can I export documents to camera roll, I still can’t find this option

  • hexblot

    The AppleTV version might be too late – most of the people I know (me included) have had to use other software on AppleTV, and are not likely to change that when you decide to release.

    My main complaint about it, is that you have not announced any plans about releasing – are you working for releasing it first quarter? summer? in 2016? maybe later? If you had some forecast (even if it proved inaccurate) I personally might have waited.

    Best of luck!

    • sguyx

      9 months later…