nPlayer 3.1.0 Update News!


nPlayer 3.1.0 has been updated last weekend. We tried to cover many users’ opinions about UI/UX in this update. It couldn’t be perfect but we will keep trying to be. Please keep supporting us.

Recently, we are receiving lots of your opinions about Apple TV. Definitely, it is a hot issue these days. We will see what we can do.

We like to thank all beta-testers who help us for this update!


* Added

  • Improved playback performance (UI/UX)
  • Option to select menu type(Tab Bar, Sliding View)
  • Support PIP (QuickTime format ONLY)
  • Single file repetition
  • Support VoiceOver for subtitles
  • Option to show search box


* Fixed

  • Fixed the issue of DTS bitstream
  • Fixed the issue of playback paused when switching to slim mode while playing with ChromeCast
  • Fixed the issue of resetting playback information after moving or renaming a file
  • Fixed the issue of folder being unlock after moving or renaming a locked folder
  • Fixed the issue of iTunes Backup option error
  • Fixed the issue of OneDrive login problem
  • Fixed the issue of cellular data option not saved
  • Fixed the issue of m3u title displaying problem
  • Fixed the other bugs
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